Travel by Ferry

You can travel to Bornholm via ferry from Ystad (Sweden), Køge (Denmark), or Sassnitz (Germany). You can travel onto the ferry by foot, bike or car.  Book your passage with Bornholmslinjen here.

Travel by Bus and Ferry

Busses run from various stops in Denmark to the ferry terminal in Ystad, Sweden, or even onboard.

Kombardo Expressen picks up near Copenhagen’s central station (Hovedbanegården) and at Copenhagen Airport. The bus usually drives onto the ferry and drops passengers off in Rønne (check your specific itinerary to confirm).

If you are not a Danish citizen, remember to take your passport with you (not only your residence permit), as you may be subject to passport control when you enter Sweden. 

Travel by Plane

You can fly to Bornholm’s Rønne Airport (RNN) from Copenhagen year-round. Depending on your travel dates, it may also be possible to fly from Aalborg, Billund, or Sønderborg. Book your flight here.