Myregaard Bornholm is situated in the countryside near the sandy beaches of Dueodde, in the southeast corner of Bornholm. You can find us on Google maps here. At Myregaard, guests enjoy the quiet of the countryside, the expanse of our gardens, and uninterrupted views of the sunrise and sunset across the open fields that surround us.

Learn more about the pleasures of staying in our little corner of Bornholm:

Area attractions

From our address at Udegårdsvejen 3, you can drive, walk, run or cycle straight for 2.5 km and be on the beach! Soft sands and a swimming-friendly area await you here; the long stretch of shallow water is well suited for children to play. It’s also a popular location for wind- and kite-surfing.

If you turn left from Udegårdsvejen onto Strandmarksvejen (which has a bike lane), you will reach Bornholm’s highest lookout point, Bornholmertårnet, and be at Dueodde Strand and Lighthouse in less than 5 km. Dueodde Strand is famous for soft sand and rolling dunes, and offers a Diner & Steakhouse, Kiosk (ice cream!) and gift shop. 

The closest town is Snogebæk, a charming harbor town that can be reached in 5 km along Poulskervej or a more leisurely 8 km following the bike path along Strandmarksvejen (which becomes Duoddevej). In Snogebæk, you will find a variety of restaurants, a smokehouse, supermarket, and chocolates and gifts for sale, as well as a playground and family friendly beach area. 

At Myregaard, we love our view of the historic Sankt Povls Kirke (Saint Paul’s Church, built ca. 1248), situated at the intersection of Poulskervej and Udegårdsvejen. Sunday service is held at 10:30.

A hidden gem, Ringborgen Rispebjerg lies just 3.6 km away from us, on the other side of Poulskervej (address: Margrethe II’s Vej, 3720 Aakirkeby). It is the site of Bornholm’s largest iron age fortress, with an open-air wooden tower to climb and a lovely field for picnicking and roaming around.

Also hidden near Dueodde are a pair of German bunkers from World War 2, which our son Henry loves to climb around and explore. You can access them on either side of Skrokkegårdsvejen; one at Østre Fort-Alle 15 and the other at H C Møllersvej 6. Take a flashlight!

If you bring your bike, or rent one here at Myregaard, you can take advantage of the flat terrain at our end of the island. Download a brochure (in English) on Bornholm’s 21 bike paths here. For an interactive guide on top bike routes, click here.

For the golfers among you, Nexø Golfkluban 18-hole golf course, is 2.2 km from Myregaard, located off of Strandmarksvejen.

Local restaurants

Dueodde (5km) offers our favorite local ice cream spot, Krølle Bølle Kiosken, and American inspired dining at Dueodde Diner & Steakhouse (Fyrvejen 5, 3730 Nexø).

Snogbæk (5km) provides abundant variety: treat yourself to a smoked fish buffet at Snogebæk Røgeri, handmade sandwiches and flødebøller at Bech Chokolade, pizza and beer at Sørens Værtshus, tapas and lattes in luxury outdoor seating at Frue Due (a hip vintage boutique), Thai food at Snogebæk Takeaway, or try the tasty offerings at various “Street Food” style popups that inhabit the old fishing huts, including the highly rated pizzas at Levertransfabrikken. More formal dining is offered by Restaurant Den Lille Havefrue as well as abundant dessert options at Kjærstrup Chokolade and Nettis.  

Head west on Strandmarksvejen towards Aakirkeby to enjoy a pig roast with live music (as well as a full smokehouse menu) at the friendly harbor restaurant Bakkarøgeriet (Østre Sømarksvej 29, 3720 Aakirkeby, 6 km away). Just a little farther along the coast lies Bornholm’s only Michelin restaurant, Kadeau, situated on the beach with stunning views (Baunevej 18, 3720 Aakirkeby) Located 7.7 km from Myregaard, it’s a reasonable biking distance for those of you wishing to experience the full wine menu! 

Less than 6 km from Myregaard, along the main road to Rønne, lies Vingården Lille Gadegård, Bornholm’s friendliest winery, which offers wine tours and lively buffets.

Nearby supermarkets

In the mood to make your own meals? Feel free to use the full kitchen and outdoor gas grill shared by B&B guests in our cafe, or private kitchens and gas grills in the vacation apartments. 

Groceries can be purchased at the following supermarkets:

  • Dagli’Brugsen Snogebæk, Hovedgade 58, Nexø (5 km) 
  • Dagli’Brugsen Pedersker, Hovedgade 21, Aakirkeby (5 km)
  • Netto, Søbækken 2, Nexø (9 km)
  • 365 Coop, Kvickly and Lidl are also located in downtown Nexø (10 km)